The Importance Of Diversity In Special Education

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Leadership, 64(5), 44-47.
Diversity fills classrooms across our nation, therefore it is crucial we nurture diverse learning to the fullest potential through differentiated instruction. Teachers who implement differentiated instruction into their daily lessons, reach students with different learning styles. Over the years, some teacher has found differentiation more work, yet that is far from the truth. Actually, successful differentiation allows students to overcome obstacles in the classroom. After observing five master teachers in San Francisco, research has found four common classroom characteristics to improve academic achievement. To begin, teachers must offer scaffold lessons to help close the achievement gap. Research states, “Teachers constantly
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To begin, “Special education’s purpose was to bring the performance of students with disabilities closer to that of their nondisabled peers in regular classrooms to move as many students as possible into the mainstream with appropriate support” (Kauffman, McGee and Brigham, 2004, p. 613). This theory had good intentions, yet like many other theories, it was taken to the extreme, leaving many special education students suffering in the general education classroom. Next, there has been a shift from teaching special education to become independent learners to relying on other accommodations or modification to become successful. The article suggests as teachers of the special education population, we must have a deep understanding of special education so that our attitudes towards serving students is authentic and beneficial to not only the special education students, but also their families. In addition, special education students must have the proper placement, as well as beneficial accommodations which support the student’s learning needs. In the end, as teachers it is our job to encourage, support and motivate students to reach their highest

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