The Importance Of Digital Communication In Health Care

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In the last 50 years, the most important piece of technology developed is unarguably the internet, its creation has led to more advances and discoveries than anything else created to date. Before the internet data of any kind had to be transported manually between machines, the process was slow, inefficient, and costly. When the sizes and cost of these machines began to shrink and became more accessible, the need to share data became more and more present until finally, the internet was created. With the ability for a computer to send and receive data without the need for physical transportation, the amount of information available to people grew exponentially. Now a physicist in California could share his research with his
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As technology continues to grow, digital communication in health care will only continue to follow. An important fact to consider when looking at communication in health care is the lack of physicians to provide care. This is ultimately a result of the age of baby boomers increasing and requiring more care (Richins, 2015). Another change in health care to promote digital communication is that patients are now responsible for their own health with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Richins, 2015). It is imperative at this point that patients have access to their health care …show more content…
A teacher can communicate with his or her students in many ways. For example, a lecture, reading from a book, or asking students questions. However, the introduction of technology in the classroom has changed the world of education. Nowadays, computers are used as educational resources (Herald). Students have the ability to complete homework online, submit it, email teachers, research topics, and chat with peers about group work. Online textbooks and eBooks are becoming more popular. Students are able to gain access to textbooks and novels from anywhere by going on the Internet (Herald). However, computers are not only benefiting the students and teachers, they are also benefiting the students ' parents. Parents are able to email or video chat teachers to receive information on how the student is performing in class. Teachers have also introduced a substitute for the classic white board, this board is commonly known as a smart board. According to the SmartTech website, there are now more than 3,000,000 smart boards in classrooms worldwide (SMART). These smart boards are connected to a computer. There is a projector that projects the computer screen on the board and teachers or students are able to interact with the board because it is touchscreen. These boards are helping teachers communicate their lessons easier. Distance Learning Education is when a class or lecture is broadcasted through the internet. Similarly,

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