The Importance Of Deaf Culture

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Mindset is a very interesting concept, what if someone had the ability to change that for one another? If I had the ability to give someone a chance at a new life changing factor, I would definitely start by introducing deaf people into the hearing world. I could only imagine how much of a change that would be by giving deaf people a chance to hear for the first time. There are many ways to change a stuck mindset if someone just tried something new once in a while.
People do not have a choice whether they are can hear or not which is why I am so interested in helping the deaf culture. I have taken two sign language courses and just in that short period of time it has impacted my life, by taking the course I got to see and feel how deaf people
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I think everyone should have a positive and a happy life, sometimes people are stuck in a mindset that is hard for them to see things differently. Helping out with the deaf culture would be a change in my life and make it into the better to possibly get me out of my mindset. Deaf people deserve to get the chance to hear and who knows maybe the procedure to help their hearing may fail but it is the fact that they tried. Everyone in life should get a chance to change something whether it may fail or succeed.
I feel as if this would impact my life in so many ways and it would teach me a lot of life lessons along the way. This would impact my life by showing me different point of views on how to see life differently. I think life has a lot to offer and a lot of the times people do not catch the offers. I believe that the story a person could have when achieving their goal is being told, there would not be a greater feeling of success than that. It would inspire many others in this world to pursue their dreams and share the greatness to one
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A hope mindset is when a person has a mind full of hope, they see failure but with success overpowering it. It also means to not give up and always set higher goals to accomplish. Life is not about giving up easy when times get hard or when it feels as if one can no longer take it. People should always have some support and positive attitudes behind every decision they take. Yes, sometimes people have to battle things on their own, but it is for a reason and will most likely make you stronger. Moral of most stories, when life gets tough they fight it and when life is great they thank

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