The Importance Of Curriculum In Education

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A curriculum can be defined as a written plan that describes the goals for children’s learning and development, and the learning experiences, materials and teaching strategies that are used to help children achieve those goals (Head Start, 1998; National Association for the Education of Young Children [NAEYC], 2005c, as cited in Bredekamp, 2011, p. 299). However, this definition of a curriculum lacks the possibility of explanation and adjustment to individual needs and circumstances. According to Kelly (1982) which posits “a curriculum consists of experiences developed from learners’ needs and characteristics (as opposed to the needs of society), and a large measure of freedom for both teacher and learner is a necessary condition for education …show more content…
In the Caribbean learners needs and experiences are unique, since students of the Caribbean speak different vernaculars and come from various cultural backgrounds. The balance literacy approach is a model that can be used to meet the literacy needs of students within in the Caribbean because it caters to the diverse needs of students, the literature used are authentic and are based on learners culture and the classroom allows for collaboration. The teacher within this model plays a vital role in ensuring students’ needs are met as well as the student who are active agents of constructing their learning. Kelly’s statement made it clear that a curriculum should cater to the needs of its learners and not of the society and this can only be done with a large measure of freedom both by teacher and learner. Nonetheless, in the Caribbean schools follow the National Curriculum as a guide to instruct their teaching which are developed by individuals of society. In addition to which if teachers are given a large measure of freedom there will be no proof of performance if no measure of accountability is developed. Also, if students are given a large measure of freedom, students’ will spend endless time on activities they are interested in limiting their development and growth in the others. Therefore, a curriculum should cater to the needs of learners and society with some aspect of freedom for both teacher and

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