A Reflection Of Your Value Orientation For Physical Education

What is your value orientation for physical education? How will this influence your teaching?
My value orientation for physical education is a student center approach where the students are doing meaningful activities each class period that they enjoy. I want students to participate in physical activities where they can learn to be a team player and build social skills while doing it. I want to be able to assess my students and see where they are so I can better each student on an individual level and accommodate when needed.
Why have a curriculum?
Teachers need to have a curriculum so that they will be able to teach the material to the students and assess them. Students need a curriculum so that they can learn the material to succeed in life.
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Students should be involved in the curriculum development. I think it’s important to have a strong bond with your students so that you are able to know what they enjoy and don’t. By getting to know your student’s strengths and weakness a teacher can build a successful curriculum to benefit their students where they feel confident. I believe other teacher’s and administrators should be involved in the development of your curriculum because you can set goals where students should be by the time they move on to another class. It can also help teachers accommodate students who face challenges by talking with the resource teachers or bouncing ideas off of other teachers. Parents should be involved to a certain point. I believe in having a partnership with parents and will take suggestions on what they think is best for their …show more content…
Extra-curricular activities like P.E, art, and music and getting shortened or completely cut due to other subject areas they deem more important. Student’s needs are not the same as they were 30 years ago when it was a simpler time. Students in today’s society can be very needy which can be hard for a teacher to try to accommodate each student’s needs. Student’s interests are totally different than they were 30 years ago or even 10 years ago. Technology has changed the way our students see and perceive things around them. Children aren’t interested in playing outside, playing board games, or building something with Legos anymore all because of the technology that is available to

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