French Culture: The Influence On The Culture Of France

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Cultures differ from one place to another. Hearing this word brings curiosity to everyone's mind. All you can think about is different kind of habits, different customs and traditions, food, art, language, festivals, music and even difference in buildings and houses. Culture is a set of several behavior and habits that people carry from one generation to other. However, culture isn't standard because people through time and years can add new habits and traditions that might be found strange and rare. Cultural diversity is when people of different habits and traditions are introduced to each other's cultures and live through it. Cultural diversity might grow and develop problems because of the engagement between the controlling culture which is the majority and the minority culture. Many questions are asked and many answers are suggested but yet the problem isn't easily solved. Should the minority agree to the values of the majority or should the majority excuse the minority members from the laws and all the things that might cause a disagreement with their traditions and thoughts. Nowadays, many countries have been …show more content…
France is considered and known for the various cultures the people that live in it has. The values of freedom, equality and human rights made the French culture rich. The people in France has a shared habits between them and they find it easy to get used to new habits without forgetting and losing all they had through the years. Traditionally, France were one of the countries who tolerance cultures and ethnics. This tolerance can be reflected due to the diversity on its land. And as we mentioned earlier, France contains various cultures, nationalities and minorities like the Africans, Jews from east Europe and a large number of Muslims and Arabs that came from the neighboring countries and settled in it all along with their religious cultures and

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