Importance Of Note Taking In Criminal Investigation

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A well investigated and thoroughly documented case will result in a successful conviction in court. An investigator is usually called to respond to a crime scene and his field notes and report are important in the prosecution of a case. The investigator has to be well organized and be able to bring the crime scene together so that he/she can create a “big picture” (Lyman, p.32). Every investigator has to develop their own note taking system. A good note taking system can help the investigator but he/she must be careful to not use shorthand because it would be difficult for others to understand. The investigator has to make sure that his/her notes are clear and documented properly. The note taking process begins as soon as the investigator is called to respond to a scene of a crime. The investigator should document the date and time he/she was called and also the name of the person who placed the phone call. At this point, the investigator has to decide if he/she is going to need the assistance of other investigators. The investigator has to take control of the case and delegate what he wants everyone involved to do. A crime can sometimes involve numerous crime scenes and numerous victims. The investigator has to make sure that someone responds to each scene. Also, the investigator needs someone to make contact with the victims that might have been transported to the hospital. The investigator …show more content…
The sketch can have its advantages because it shows the scene in its actuality. The investigator needs to make sure his name, rank, date, time, type of crime, case number, additional officers assisting with sketch, scale and legend are all documented on the sketch. It is usually a drawing that is drawn to scale and they are admissible to use in court. Prosecutors prefer to use sketches because they give a better understanding of the photographs and videos of the crime

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