The Importance Of Consumer Product Safety

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Register to read the introduction… Consumer protection is developed to assist consumers in evaluating the comparative safety of consumer product. Eventually, consumer protection gives consumers a better choice of goods, services, quality, reliability, safety and health. Other than that, it also act as a guarantee to the consumers in terms of quality satisfaction and also the consumers’ needs and wants. …show more content…
One such organisation is the Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC). CPSC evaluates consumer products for potential hazards and also establish certain safety standards for consumer products. For example in 1970, the America President’s Commision on Product Safety issued its final report and in that report, it quoted that as many as twenty million Americans were injured, and thirty thousand Americans died annually as a result of consumer product related incidents. The commision also quoted that an effect product safety implementation could possibly prevent as many as four million injuries and six thousand product related deaths annually (Ross,

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