The Importance Of Connections Education

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Community and Customer
As of January 1, 2016 there are nearly 323 million people in the United State; with a birth occurring every 8 seconds and a death every 10 seconds (Ramos, 2015). The population is steadily increasing, in a minute there is an average of 6 deaths and 8 births. With the diversity of Pearson’s products and services every person is a potential customer. Especially the youth who are the future of the United States. The success of the country depends on their achievements and through their inadequacies the country is susceptible to failure. Thus, it is imperative for each generation to be educated. Pearson is the world’s largest publishing company and based on their extensive market and resources the magnitude of their impact
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The virtual schools are accredited, funded by their state, and free to parents and students in place of traditional public schools. Virtual schools in general provide education to gifted, struggling, pursuing a career, requiring flexibility, want home schooling, and a host of other reasons. The need for virtual learning is expanding, similarly to the number of students. In 2010 there were 48 states and Washington, D.C. with approximately 200,000 students attending full-time online course. There was an additional 1.5 million taking one or more online course. Pearson not only provides the means for students to learn online they also provide additional products and services. Each student receives personalized learning, training for their parent, digital and print curriculum material, computers, assessment tools, and learning technologies. Online students are a true test to the effectiveness of Pearson’s products and services since they are fully exposed to their products. Additionally, they receive high ratings from more than 92% of their parents whose children are students of their online school program (Miller, …show more content…
Team members are also encouraged to involved in the community, with charities, and civic organizations. Our Friends Place is an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of abuse, neglect, poverty, and homelessness in young girls and women. For 26 years the program has been dedicated to changing the lives of at-risk-girls and young women in the North Texas. They provide a safe and stable environment for them to heal and acquire skills to become self-reliant. The cycle is broken and empowered to become independent and successful women. Our Friends Place is just one community organizational program that Pearson launched to use their resources to give back to the people in the world (Pearson Partners,

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