Personal Narrative: My Failure In Elementary School

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Confidence is a state of mind, where the individual has self-assured and has faith in their abilities to succeed. Confidence levels can vary from person to person, depending on how much confidence an individual has, which can affect their position in life. In fact, Failing to realize my self worth has been my biggest failure.
My failure began when I started elementary school. As I was entering Pre-k, my teachers and my parents noticed something that differentiated me from my classmates. I did not communicate to any of my teachers or classmates. Being a young girl of hispanic background, my teacher assumed that I could not speak any English. But my parents, on the other hand, assumed that I had a speech disability. Although I am of Mexican descent, my first language is English and I can easily understand the language. I was tested by school officials to diagnose my problem. The school tested me on my communication skills, and instead of passing the test with flying colors, I failed miserably. After failing the speech exam, I was placed into an ESL program. ESL program helps students to understand and learn the English language. After taking many classes, my instructor noticed that I did not need any help with learning the language, instead he noticed it was my personality that was in need
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I was afraid to ask for help, fearing that I would be ridiculed for asking and so for years, that was my state of mind. Throughout my elementary and middle school years, I hardly had any friends. My lack of communication and my shyness have prohibited me from making friends, forcing me to drift along the of the edge of school crowds- I felt like a complete outsider. Although being independent taught me to become responsible, it did not take away my feelings of loneliness and low self-esteem. This feeling dominated my middle school years. The negativity of thinking that I was alone poisoned my outlook towards

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