Standardized Testing In Schools Pros And Cons

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We all know that dreaded acronym. An acronym filled with nerves and headaches for many high schoolers and takes hours to complete. It’s the test everyone has to take their junior year of high school, mostly in the western and southern parts of the United State. It stands for American College Test. It’s the ACT. Now originally, the ACT was used in the early 1900’s to help students from lower income families be recognized by ivy league schools. In modern time, the ACT is used as a required test throughout the United States; and often used in college applications.
However the ACT has been a disputed subject as of late. Many wonder if the ACT is bias towards certain groups or communities of students. Others argue that the test is not accurate
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This argument has recently come up from the organization FairTest saying colleges are using these scores as an unfair cut off. Despite this, many forget to that the ACT is used as way to predict as students readiness for college; and seeing that this is a standardized test it also allows colleges to judge each student on the same way. While the FairTest organization claims that it is unfair, it makes perfect sense. Since colleges have to sort through hundreds of applications this process makes it easier for the board choose who their soon to be freshmen are. It is also important to remember the 1,450 colleges that require an ACT or SAT score; with only 850 where the standardized test is optional. In any event if a student truly want to be accepted into a certain college they need to be prepared to meet the requirement, and this often includes a standardized testing …show more content…
This being said the concerns about the ACT being biased, inaccurate or misused are serious but illegitimate claims. Seeing as a computers is grading each test there is no way it can dock or add points due to a student’s gender, race, or religion. Nor can this test be inaccurate seeing as the entire United States takes this test every student is graded the same; this test does not cater towards certain students. Colleges cut offs are just another way to help colleges to sort through the hundreds of applicant. Even if there is a heated debate over the ACT, any college bound student would realize it’s importance. It benefits the student at having higher chance of qualifying for scholarships. Also, being able a crucial part when applying for colleges, and being accepted in colleges. Of course this test doesn’t just benefit students, but also helps colleges when deciding between applicants and giving a fair standard for anyone in America for a spot. Even from the ACT’s history of being a way to help the lower class at a chance at ivy league schools to it now being a standard show this test caught on fast for the very reason; and that is that it’s a good

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