Reflective Essay On Language Analysis

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In this reflective essay I would like to discuss the 2 common links that I found running through the topics of Engaging India, communication and economics.

The first common link I will be discussing is communication. Communication plays an important role in the Indian society. It has linkages with status, family and history to name a few. Even the type of communication used itself has a particular story to tell about society and its inner workings. Who uses what and why is often an indication of the history of a culture and the beliefs and values that are important in a society today. Through the use of language, technology and story telling we see how various types of communication have affected and evolved the Indian society. The affect of post colonialism too shows to have an affect on language and values.

Language has deeply affected communication and relationships in India for centuries. The fact that India has so many languages and dialects in the one country shows the diversity of culture and beliefs of people. One aspect of society which is affected by its multilingual nature is the ability to communicate with a wide range of people from different backgrounds. Because most people in India are multilingual it
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The influence of colonialism on language an be seen strongly today. A very easy to see example of this is the use of the English language and its evolution to a language that is used by so many different people from different walks of life. Post colonialism can also be tied in with communications itself for example the introduction of wide spread communication of the postal system, and later telephone system. As we can see this then involved in a very unique way in post colonial India with the rise of mobile phones and the importance now placed on communication and information and also the way it has helped to close the information gap between the

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