The Importance Of Communication In Emergency Responses

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The resources useful in preparing the responses include: government policies on such crisis, the local emergency communication contacts such as the phone lines for the nearest security post, and the map of the institution and its neighborhood. In addition, other items needed includes a pen and paper or other writing platforms such as phones and tablets, the emergency numbers of the possible emergency medical response teams just in case casualties exist, and the pictures of the people at risk just to show the security personnel the individuals to protect in intervening (Hoveland, 2005). Still useful are the medium of communication such as the phone or tablet.
The objective in the first moment is to alert the at risk persons to take caution of their movements and whereabouts. Then, alerting the security and emergency bodies to rush to the rescue. These two actions ensure that damage and fatality is reduced or prevented in good time, therefore must be prioritized highly. The opening statement will be “today we regrettably acknowledge the disaster that has befallen us and affected some of our students staying at the XZY city by cutting out water and electricity supplies besides heightened insecurity.”
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Trusting both the speaker and the message are important in crisis communication (Pisciotta n.p.). A clear message is important as is monitoring and follow up once the message is delivered to ensure the company’s position is accurately and honestly represented (Pisciotta, n.p.). A clear message begins with a timely, but not unprepared, response showing sincere concern (Argentini, n.p.) and honesty about the situation as well as a willingness to take any responsibility due the company, something Pisciotta (n.p.) believes goes a long way

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