The Importance Of Coming To America

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Without even looking, I knew Renz, my best friend, was watching me from the window of his house, all teary-eyed. He was like the brother I never had; I knew him since I was a small baby. Suddenly, I started thinking about all the family and friends I would never see again but I still managed to keep my composure. I was sitting in my grandfather’s car, ready to travel to the airport and move to the United States. What ultimately ended up breaking me was when we started driving. I tried to act calm at first, but as soon as I glanced over in my friend’s direction and saw him crying, I also became hysterical. I experienced various sad moments in my life so far, but this particular memory sticks out the most to me. It was the point in my life before I migrated to a completely distant and foreign land known as America. Throughout the entire English writing class I attended, I …show more content…
Being from a foreign background, I related to a lot of the stories that were assigned to us. Throughout the various topics in the four units, I gained a better understanding of the different ‘borders’ and how it affected people, and I developed better writing and reading skills. I was born in the small town called Pateros in the Philippines and moved to New Jersey when I was around nine years old. Like I stated before, because of my background, I have some sort of insight on all the units. For example, the first unit “Colliding Spaces” introduces how two separate spaces can cause a separation or a border; the essay I wrote on this topic described the distinctions between America and the Philippines which caused a split between the two. On the second unit “Unsettling Voices”,

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