The Importance Of College Food

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Today, a lot of college student moods and how they go through everyday endeavors are affected drastically by what they eat and what type of food they consume throughout the day. What kind of food groups alter college student’s moods? The purpose of this study is to recognize if college students who eat certain foods like high/low sodium and high/low sugar will have a bad mood throughout the day as opposed to people who do not eat this group of food. This is important because college campuses offer a wide variety of food whether it is good or bad. Students are more aware of healthy food choices that are being served in dining cafeteria’s and being able to easily identify them (Peterson, S., Duncan, D., Null, D., Roth, S., Gill, L., 2010). …show more content…
Gender wise, 15 males and 15 females. They must attend the University of Michigan-Flint and be between the ages of 18-25. An email that will go to the entire student body in hopes to recruit for this study. The first 30 students who I receive a response from who meet the criteria will be selected. The criteria will be based off of a questionnaire that will ask them about the type of foods they consume. Most of the questions will be multiple choice and in the end it will ask the student what do they classify themselves as. This will introduce the groups of vegetarian, vegan, and high fat eaters. This experiment is completely up to the participant’s discretion so if they feel as if they are being treated improperly or simply do not want to complete it, they can quit. An UM-Flint IRB consent form will be present and needs to be signed due to the experiment taking place on the campus.
I will be separating my participants based on what they are already accustomed to eating. One group will be of only vegetarian eater, another will be only vegan eater, and the last group will be only high fat eaters. The purpose of this separation is to make sure that the foods that will be fed to the participants will be suitable for them to consume. I do not want to make a group of participants feel uncomfortable with consuming foods they do not originally eat for this may pose a threat to internal
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After that hour is up they will be given the same questionnaire that was given in the beginning of the study. After completing the questionnaire, they will be debriefed and thanked for their cooperation.
Potential threats to validity may include the classification of certain food groups. What I, the experimenter, may see as a high/low sodium and high/low sugar foods others may not classify as. If the students were given a grilled chicken sandwich, then some may not see this as healthy if they do not consume gluten and/or meat. Also, the current diets of the college students may pose a threat. If they are already used to eating these certain food groups, then their body has already become accustomed to in taking these certain foods. This is why the certain food groups were implemented for the participants.
Also, with the same questionnaire being given at the end it may create the same generalized answers from the beginning. Lastly, this experiment may have a special factorial design due to high/low sodium and high/low sugar foods being tested.
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