Definition Essay: Coffee And Its Impact On The World

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Coffee, what a magical word. What about this word has such an impact on the world? Coffee is such a phenomenon that it has over 20,000 stores in the USA alone. Coffee plays very important role in society. Whether it be when you are going out to eat or you need a kickstart to your morning. Possibly, if you are like me, you just need a cozy place with free wi-fi to write an essay with your favorite drink by your side. Almost every break room for almost every occupation has a coffee machine. Think about it: doctors, teachers, engineers, librarians, police officers, lawyers, etc. Look at movies, ask people you know; coffee is everywhere. With a beverage being such a monumental part of American life have you ever wondered why? Why do you like coffee? What makes some coffee …show more content…
People have been drinking coffee to help them wake up for so long that no one really knows when it started being used as a energizer. The amount and effectiveness of caffeine is what really hits home when you are going through a tough day. Who wants to be tired and sad? Nobody.
All of these things have led me to my favorite type of coffee, a cinnamon cappuccino. In this particular blend the Arabica bean is used. I like this bean in comparison to the Robusta bean because it has Robusta’s caffeine power. In contrast with the Robusta bean the Arabica one has a great aroma and it’s flavor is mainly used. Even though some people might view the Arabica bean as generic and too common I think it is nice to have that familiar taste buried underneath all the flavors. To me Arabica is the official coffee bean and takes me back to when I first really started to get into coffee.
In cinnamon cappuccino the beans are roasted. Roasted beans really opens up possibilities when it comes to kinds of coffee. Also unroasted beans give off a vegetative smell and that makes many people not like it. Yet some people do like the

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