Essay On Coercion

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Using coercion, women can be persuaded into performing a sexual act. Coercion is a form of emotional manipulation that uses threats or tricks, it is considered nonconsensual, since the victim does not give their partner clear permission out of own incentive and free will but to avoid the consequences of not complying to the predator. Often alcohol or other drugs are involved in situations where coercion is used because the victim is not in full control of their body and mind anymore, which makes it easier for the harasser to trick them into a sexual act. When a victim is talked into performing the sexual act, it does not mean that they give their consent, since they are not acting on their own free will. This can happen in various situations …show more content…
When talking about sexual harassment women are often spoken about in the active voice, making the victim seem guilty, which is called victim precipitation. How often have the words “She was asking for it” and “She was dressed provocatively” been used when talking about nonconsensual sex? Even knowing that these accusations are wrong, they shift the focus away from the predator and towards the victim.
When talking about sexual violence in news reports the victim is often spoken about in the active voice, while the predator is either spoken about in the passive voice or left out of the sentence completely. It is talked about “how many women have been raped” not “how many men raped women”. The use of active voice when talking about victims takes the blame from the harassers and might make the reader partially blame the victim instead. It takes away the active role that the harasser had during the act and makes it seem like the victim was actively involved in committing the crime. The way that is used to talk about this topic fails to address the most important part, it does not include men. However, the predators are most of the time men, and are therefore the ones who should be talked about,

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