How Does Class Size Affect Student Learning

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Class Size and Student Learning
With cities and towns growing, school classrooms have become more crowded. The teachers can become overworked, and the students sometimes do not get the help they need to succeed academically. When teachers feel that they are unable to teach, and have to spend more time on classroom management, some are deciding to leave the profession. Many disciplinary issues could be avoided with smaller classrooms, and the students that need the extra help could receive it. A lot of teachers would rather have better working conditions than higher wages, so they can do what they went to school for: to teach the future teachers, engineers, doctors, and lawyers. Children need to feel they are someone, and that they are not worthless. Class size affects learning in several ways; it impacts how teachers instruct students,
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The size of the classroom can make a big difference on how the class learns. Teachers can spend more time teaching and less time on classroom management when classes are smaller. Students that are unable to get the help they need will shut down, and not move forward in their work. Student participation goes down and teachers are unable to give individual attention to students that need it, due to increased discipline issues (Holloway, 2002). With smaller class sizes, there would be less disciplinary referrals and more participation, with less behavioral issues. If school districts had more resources to create small classes, it would be beneficial. Schools that deal with students that have behavioral issues, will have better control over the classroom when there are fewer students (Chingos, 2013). If there were smaller classes in the main schools, there would less disciplinary problems, which in turn cuts back on the number of students with issues. Student behavior due to larger class sizes can have an effect outside the classroom as

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