Informative Essay: The Value Of Chocolate

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If someone were to walk up to you and ask you what the greatest food on Earth was-- what would you say? Chocolate? Yeah, me too. Now you’re probably thinking, “there is no way eating tons of chocolate can be good for you in any way,” but reading this paper may surprise you. Chocolate should be eaten more often because it is not only extremely delicious and rewarding, but it also has been proven to be good for your health. One of the main reasons chocolate should be eaten on a daily basis is very obvious: chocolate is irresistible and savory. Chocolate is one of those foods that you can’t get enough of because of its sweet flavor and the way it melts in your mouth. I remember when I was a kid, my mom would call me down for dinner and I would …show more content…
The second reason chocolate should be eaten conventionally is because it is very good for you and as surprising as it is--helps you stay healthy. According to research, chocolate is excellent for not only your heart, but your skin as well! That’s right, that myth that you have believed all your life that chocolate makes you break out? Not true. In fact, dark chocolate actually protects your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Chocolate has also been proven to prevent heart attacks and strokes because the flavanols in chocolate lower your blood pressure, improve your blood flow to the brain and heart, and make your blood platelets less sticky and therefore, unable to clot. Finally, chocolate lowers your risk of getting diabetes, believe it or not. How could you not love chocolate after reading about all those scientific advantages to eating chocolate--dark or milk. While chocolate mistakenly seems extremely unhealthy and bad for you, the more you eat, the better it is for your body and your overall health. That’s why chocolate should be eaten more often than not because it is so much better for you than other sweets and desserts and it helps keep you healthy and

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