The Importance Of Chimpanzees

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The Chimpanzee Conservation
In today’s society many species are endangered due to many reason, but most of those reasons are close related or caused by humans. In the primate’s world endangerment is not absent, and for chimpanzees species this is a very sad reality. Chimpanzee rates have been declining for a long time, and as of today chimpanzees are considered an endangered species (Pusey, 2007). The endanger of the chimpanzee has been attributed to many factors, the main ones are diseases, deforestation or destruction of their habitat, and hunting for their their meat or trading. We must do something in order to conserve this species and prevent it from extinction.
Chimpanzees are found in a wide range of tropical location in Africa (Tutin,
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Chimpanzee are hunted for many reasons for many reason such as their meat, trade, and to be sold as pets (Tutin, 2001). In the West and Central of Africa, hunting for wild animals as food is something very common among their culture (Tutin, 2001) however this hurts many species such as chimpanzees. In Tutin, 2001, is stated that due to the socio-economic pressure the hunting market been expanding for the last years. Even when it is illegal to hunt people still do it, either for money, sport, as of resources, or even for fun. In the last years there has been evidence that in many regions poaching includes snares, humans with spears and hunting dogs, and even semi-automatic rifles (Pusey, …show more content…
Some primate specialist suggest two main tactics to help with the chimpanzee extinction; one is to expand the African fauna and second one is to establish protected areas (Balcomb, 2000). Another approach is to increase the amount of protection to the chimpanzee habitat, this could reduce the rate of interaction with people and with that the risk of human diseases and hunting opportunities (Pusey, 2007). As Pusey, 2007, stated habitat restoration and protection should be the the number one focus in order to conserve chimpanzees. In my opinion these are great ideas to help the conservation of chimpanzees, however all of them need money, a lot of money. We need to get influential people to care and advocate for the chimpanzees, this is the only way we can get people to care and contribute to the conservation of this species. If we get famous or influential people to take action on this issue, then more people will follow and pay attention to what this means not only to the chimpanzee population but to our ecosystem as well.We need more donors to provide the monetary means to pay for all these programs, as well as educational programs to make our society aware of it. Using social media to share what is going on would be very helpful tool as well. We need to get everyone aware of the endengager of the chimpanzee specie, and educate them on how to help. In order for us to create change, we must

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