The Complexity Of Biochemistry In The Human Body

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The longer I spend studying chemistry and biology, the more I find patterns and overlaps between the two disciplines. As I’ve matured in my studies, I have found the boundaries between the sciences to blur, which has led to my desire to do biochemistry. The course encompasses several science disciplines from biophysics and bioengineering to cellular biology and organic chemistry and looks at these from an analytical and quantitative standpoint. The diversity and interdisciplinary nature of biochemistry and its practical applications have led me to the course.
I believe that the complexity of the biochemistry in the body has an underlying beauty to it. I find it amazing that something as complex as the human body with its intricate systems
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I have to contact several scientists and invite them to talk at the school. To find speakers, I turned to the Chemistry Review where I found several interesting articles about medical chemistry and biochemistry, along with articles about analytic techniques. One article I particularly enjoyed explained the creation of the drug Salbutamol and how they used the body’s reaction to adrenaline to work out a drug for asthmatics. A talk that I particularly enjoyed at the scientific society was by the CEO of Omega ingredients, Steve Pearce, about organic flavourings for food. I was fascinated by the way that the two enantiomers of carvone had different smells: spearmint or caraway …show more content…
For the first week I performed some basic molecular biology techniques. I was putting GFP into plasmids and then translating them into E. Coli. This was preparation for the modular cloning experiment I performed in the second week. It was based on the golden gate model, allowing for a one tube digestion and ligation assembly method. I had a lot of autonomy but I enjoyed the supervised collaborative approach in the lab. During the two weeks I learnt a great deal: about several different experimental techniques, how to analyse my results and about how important patience is inside a lab. I found it a very revealing experience and look forward to partaking in the practical side of the

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