The Importance Of Campus Police

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“The right of people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” states the second amendment. Recently gun control laws are becoming strict and evasive; therefore, others have stood up to protect their basic human rights. Those who are pro-gun control believe the fact that guns are the main reason for so many homicides, suicides, and misfires when in reality it is rather the person behind the trigger. Guns are provided for protection because the police are not always there for the general public. In addition, police need weapons such as guns because their job can become extremely fatal if they are not armed with artilleries. Therefore, abolishing the second amendment is erratic to the preservation of our forefathers who authorized the law …show more content…
The president of Florida State University, Mr. Thrasher has stated a couple of months ago that he is in favor of taking away the guns of the campus officers, thus, making the campus a gun free zone. When the public got word of this statement, they investigated his previous statement to find that he has been indecisive for the past five years. Most believe Thrasher was influenced by lobbyists. However, the consequences without armed campus police can be more than deadly while there have been mass shootings. The most recent mass shooting in Oregon can confirm that without armed campus police they would be have to defend empty handed while an armed shooter roamed the school. Police, whether it be mall security, campus police, or neighborhood safety guards they should be able to carry a gun because they can be up against an armed shooter at any time. In the UK, the police forces do not carry weaponry while on duty therefore when they face an armed criminal they are forced to sit and face their fate. If this occurs in the US crime rates will sky rocket and the economy will plummet do to the amount of trials the tax payers will have to pay. Anarchy will rise, allowing criminals to overtake the police force with their use of guns from the “black market” and killing off more and more innocent individuals. Henceforth, the police should not be stripped from their armor because it provides protection to themselves and the

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