My Portfolio Reflection: Critical Reading, Writing And Thinking Across Contexts

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This portfolio represents my best work, including supporting artifacts, written in the 2015 Fall 2 Semester of EN105 First Year Writing Seminar I: Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking Across Contexts course. The portfolio will take you through my writing journey that I have experienced over the last seven weeks.
As I reflect back on this journey, I knew it would be a challenge before the class ever started. However, I had a glimmer of hope due to the writing I do at work and where others admire my business writing. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my strong business writing was not be beneficial in this class and I had just entered my worst nightmare. While my business writing was not to my advantage, there were
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These items are as follows: best writing examples from the peer review I wrote during unit five and unit six. Out of the writing we did in this course, these peer reviews were my favorite to write. These are very similar to something that I would write at work, so I was very comfortable preparing these. So comfortable in fact, that I kicked off the peer reviews for unit 5. The instructor had done some prodding but no one had stepped up, after I posted my essay, that Wednesday, I completed the first peer review to provide my peers with an example and before you knew my peers were also posting peer reviews. Development items that assisted me with improving my critical thinking and writing have also been include and are: a snapshot from One Hundred Great Essays showing a page of an essay reviewed before and a second page of another essay reviewed after. These pages demonstrate the before and after ability to break down an essay after learning from the visual aid, the resource link is also noted. Additionally, a section from my writers notebook from unit five explains the detail on how I utilized the visual aid to re-review Annie Dillard’s essay and break it down. This tool provided me the confidence to take on Annie Dillard’s essay as my first revision project. And ending the portfolio is a section from my writer’s notebook from unit six showing a sentence revision that I had completed in my deep revision

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