Case Study: Emilio Moran

Emilio Moran claims that human behavior must be changed in order to improve the condition of our habitat, Earth (Moran 2006: 2). If I needed to build a house, I would adhere to Moran’s beliefs to make my dwelling as energy efficient as possible. This would keep not only the ecosystem plant life and animal life around me sufficient, but also allow me to do my part in keeping my carbon footprint clean.
Section 1. Landscape, size, and surrounding settlement of the habitat
My new house will be located in an Alaska. I chose Alaska because there is an abundant amount of fresh water sources within the state that allows for easy access to drinking water. There are also many types of fresh game, such as trout and caribou, which provide a steady source
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Thus, there is no significant role the house plays in the surrounding urban communities. There will be little to none surrounding structures near the house, except lakes and small local town. The local town will be only a few minutes away on foot and provides a grocery store, which is needed for foods that cannot be locally grown in the greenhouse on the second floor of the building or hunted in the wilderness. The nearby lakes are essential to the eco-friendly nature of the house, as the water allows produce to grow and provides water for bathing and …show more content…
The idea of an all-natural or “green home” is seen The Living House, which discusses how South East Asians build their homes out of the local plant material (Waterson 1990: 74). I am doing the same with my house as the use of the local material allows the natural ecosystem around the habitat to remain the same and uninterrupted. The floor will be made of Sitka spruce tone wood from the surrounding vegetation. This wood will only be harvested from already fallen trees instead of trees cut down via deforestation. Salvaging the fallen trees reduces money and time used to cut down tough, healthy trees. This will lower the ecological footprint of this house further by not destroying the natural surrounding habitat. The walls will be made of this wood as well, which causes the house to have a log cabin aesthetic. There will be few windows in order for heat to be trapped easier, which means that money and energy will be saved. The colors of the home will be mostly monotone and brown because of the wood. There will be a closet inside the home with room for clothes and necessities, and there will also be a shed outside, but still close to the house. The shed will hold everything that can’t be stored inside, such as tools. The entrance to the second story will be reachable via ladder in order to maximize space in the

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