The Importance Of Body Language And Eye Contact Essay

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In a professional setting, the first thing I do when greeting another person is extend my hand for a handshake. Also within those first few seconds of meeting a person, I make sure that I have a smile on my face and that I have a positive tone of voice. This interaction will set the tone for the rest of the meeting with a potential or established business partners. Meeting in person to discuss business is the best way to effectively communicate. The reasons mentioned above, as well as body language and eye contact are a few of the reasons talking in person is the best form of communication.
Benefits of Body Language A great benefit of speaking to colleagues or clients in a business setting is with the use of body language. It allows a person to use hand or other gestures, such as eye contact, to get points across. According to Bezner (2012) body language can give hints to a person’s thoughts, attitudes, and feelings. Sometimes a great first impression can be given from body language (p. 472). It is always good to give a firm handshake when meeting a new business partner, colleague, or client. Body language is a great nonverbal way to communicate. It is also important to make great eye contact when making a first impression. Eye contact can show confidence when meeting and communicating to people (Bezner, 2012, p. 473). During business meetings, people give off different body ques to show how they feel about the ideas being presented. In a face-to-face meeting it is a lot…

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