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Through the reading in both the Cassidy Ebook as well as the Transforming Learning Ebook there was a lot of discussion about how to integrate a blog into regular classroom use and even classroom curriculum. It is clear that by having a classroom blog you are opening the door to endless possibilities for you and your students. You open your classroom up to the world with the click of your computer mouse! People from all over the world can view your blog, this is a great educational opportunity in itself. Something that I never thought about was the fact that blogging can fit into regular classroom schedule as well as be considered part of the curriculum. Ms. Cassidy brings up the idea of having her students post to their blogs on a daily basis …show more content…
Cassidy shows her audience many different ways that she uses both Skype and blogs in her classroom to further the learning of her students. As we 've already discussed there are endless opportunities when it comes to using technology in your classroom. Some of the uses that Ms. Cassidy informs her readers about for using blogs that enhance the learning of her students are have a class blog as well as having her students have their own blogs. By having a classroom blog she is able to keep contact with the parents of her students as well as post information about the class in a place that all students can access. On the other hand by requiring her students to all have their own blogs she can further their learning in the Language Arts department, but also allow them to be creative and post what they want. On top of teaching her student to be better writers Ms. Cassidy is able to teach them how to be better digital citizens, something that is extremely important today. A direct quote from the text that demonstrates this; "Even at a young age, it is important to begin to understand what it means to have a digital footprint, including what sorts of things are suitable to post online, what things things should be kept private, and ways to interact with other appropriately in and online space." (Cassidy 2013 p 648) Another great tool that Ms. Cassidy uses in her classroom is Skype, an online site that allows you to talk to people face to face via a webcam. At first thought some people might not think that there is room for this type of online site in the classroom, but as Ms. Cassidy explains throughout her book there is lots of room for Skype in the classroom. Ms. Cassidy uses Skype to talk with other teachers and classes across the world and learn with other students with live video of each other. On top of visiting with other classes from across the world Ms. Cassidy used Skype to also talk with experts that related to material cover in

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