Personal Narrative: You Are A Product Of Their Environment

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Have you ever heard the phrase " they are a product of their environment"? It 's likely that most of you have and it 's likely that you may know someone who is a product of their environment. It could be a family member, a friend, or even just an acquaintance. Typically, when you refer to someone as being a product of their environment it is because that person acts negatively. But what is it like when you are that person? What happens when you are the one that people judge and talk negatively about you because the way you were raised has made a very obvious mark on you as an adult. In order to me to be able to better explain exactly what I mean by that, I will have to take you back about twenty two years.
My childhood wasn 't the perfect
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For the first few weekends I spent at my moms house, it was okay. She drank like usual until she passed out on the couch, but at least she was home. Unfortunetly her being home with me on her weekends came to a halt. The majority of my weekends with my mom were spent with a babysitter. This pattern continued for a few years. In 1997, my mother was admitted to an inpatient rehab facility for drug addiction and alcoholism. When she was released life came together for us. Not having contact with my mother for 6 months was a very traumatic experience for me as a 7 year old, but I am thankful it happened because when she was released life really came together for us. She was clean and sober, she wanted to get a job and take care of my brother and I. My dad still had full custody of me and I remained that way until I moved out of his …show more content…
RAD, Reactive Attachment disorder occurs when a child has experienced neglect or abuse. If an infant/child isn 't receiving the emotional needs that they need to thrive and develop, the child will basically detached from those around them and then have issues maintaining healthy relationships as an adult. After the years of therapy I have endured, I have learned that my brain has essentially hard wired itself to not be able to trust and be affectionate with others. My brain is ready to hurt those before they hurt

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