The Importance Of Becoming A Training Coach

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What area of sports management would I like to pursue? When asked this question there are many different things that come to my mind involving sports, such as coaching basketball in a setting where I would be the head coach or the training coach. Although these two options may appear to differ significantly, they are very similar and could make for an easy transition at any time. Becoming a head coach is not an easy job to obtain. There are steps you can take to get to your elite dream job and I am willing to do whatever it takes. In this paper I will discuss each step that I have researched and will also mention the different coaches I have interviewed for an outlook on all the steps they have taken to become a coach.
There are five specific
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Now this is my plan b if my plan a does not work. Both things correlate with each other just that with training you will be dealing with one player instead of a team. You can even become a trainer assistant coach and just deal with the training session with the team you are coaching. I feel in order to become a coach you have to be familiar with planning drills you want your team to do in practice in order for them to get better. Now to become a trainer you can start with a younger team, getting involved with the AAU organization. From there you could move up to a prep school trainer or high school. The more experience you go through the better for your resume and the better for a coach to have trust in what you are doing. If I couldn’t get the opportunity to become a head coach, I would settle for becoming a trainer. To me it’s more active would be good for my health, also can have me traveling the country to just train big time athletes.
Being a trainer will also get you in contact with a lot of professional coaches. Reason why? Because coaches want to see their players develop and improve year to year in order to have a successful season. So my job as a personal trainer would be to help get the coaches players better. That can easily land you a job as an assistant being able to help get players better. That is another way to get your foot in the door to becoming a head
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You also have to be competitive at everything you do in this field because the next person is coming with the mindset of taking your job. Just like any other job keeping the job is the goal so doing whatever it takes to maintain the job is what matters. I want to become a head coach because it is something that I grew up playing and just love the feeling of being around basketball. My knowledge of basketball is second nature to me. So just in case being a basketball head coach does not work then my second option would be becoming a personal trainer. Anything that has to do with basketball I would love to do. They say you know you are living good when you have the job of your dream, then there will be no complaints because it is something you are familiar with and love to do. Majority of the coaches that are coaching at any sport all have experience of playing the sport before or are familiar with the sport they are coaching. So if you are an athlete and you are trying to become a head coach this is a good read for

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