The Importance Of Beauty In Guy De Maupassant's The Necklace?

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Throughout history, women have relentlessly searched for new methods to make them appear beautiful. In ancient China, women bound their feet into miniscule sizes. A hundred years ago in Europe, it was customary to wear a constricting corset to shrink the appearance of the waist. Today, many women undergo painful elective surgery to enhance other body parts. Despite the tremendous variation in their procedures, all women have the same principle, if they can achieve the societal standard for beauty, they will finally be happy. However, oftentimes more basic elements bring this sought after state of contentment. In “The Necklace,” a short story set in 19th century France, the author Guy de Maupassant employs simple writing techniques to illustrate a tale with universal themes regarding appearance, materialism, gratitude, honesty, and eventual satisfaction. Guy de Maupassant uses the relationship between social setting and importance of appearance in “The Necklace” to illustrate Mathilde Loisel’s desire for a lifestyle she can never have. In nineteenth century France, the wealth gap between the three social classes is enormous. The developing middle class is composed mainly of shopkeepers, artists, manufacturers, teachers, and clerks. Those belonging …show more content…
“The Necklace” contains three universal mantras many people living in the 21st century would recognize: “Looks can be deceiving,” “Honesty is the best policy,” and “Money can’t buy happiness.” If Mathilde Loisel had been honest from the start, both with herself and Madame Forestier, she would have avoided a world of strife. In the end, Mathilde found solace not in the dress bought with her husband’s money, nor in the necklace she borrowed to obtain the acceptance by society she wanted. Instead, Mathilde found satisfaction once she accepted her situation and could be truthful with

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