The Importance Of Baptism In The Holy Church

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Register to read the introduction… Much of what the early church viewed as salvation was through processes with the church. Baptism, communion and laying hands on a new convert insured the Spirits presence in their life. Bishops and priests preformed most of the spiritual acts so there was little transformation with parishioners. All authority and spiritual responsibility was placed on the backs of the leadership. They became the voice of God and the chief transmitters of all things spiritual. Parishioners were not encouraged to read their Scripture, in fact they were forbidden to do it. Therefore anything from God had to be revealed to priests and bishops then interpreted to the people. These pious practices all but silenced any encounters with the Holy …show more content…
Much of what is taught in non-Pentecostal churches today is from the church fathers of the reformation. Martin Luther and John Calvin so transformed the religious landscape in the sixteenth century that now, almost five hundred later, we are still teaching this transformation. There is such weight put on their original doctrines that in some churches their doctrine eclipse the original teachings of the Apostles. Therefore it Calvin didn’t teach the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, then most church that subscribe to his theology won’t dare cross that line, reasoning if God didn’t reveal it to Calvin, what makes us think he would reveal it to us?
Calvin’s unique contribution to the discussion of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit lay in the area of the authority of the Scriptures. Because of the Catholic Church at the time felt they had authority over Scripture because they certified the divinity of Scripture. Therefore, Calvin’s main emphasis was to show that God through the Holy Spirit inspirited
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Many argue that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was only for a “Dispensation of Grace” period where God allowed supernatural events to happen to kick-start the Church, as if the Church needed kick-started. Others say that speaking in tongues is demonic because of a few versed Paul warned against the “Spirit of the Antichrist” in 1 John 4:3. However, when looking at the whole of Scripture, if one abandons the doctrine of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit it leaves a whole in our orthodoxy that alters the very core of our systematic

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