The Importance Of Accountability On Health Care Essay

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During some point in this lifetime, we all have experienced mistakes. Therefore, no one is exempted. In health care, mistakes can be the consequence of illness or injury or even mortality. The organizations in health care challenged with the pressure to improve the quality of care, decrease utilization, and minimizing costs. Therefore, the physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers must attempt to increase the efficiency and quality of patient care. However, these goals can be attainable while practicing quality improvement programs and utilizing a performance management system that potentially useful. This paper will explore the importance of accountability in health care. Also, it will address how employee’s accountability measured, accountability ethical considerations in leadership and management, and explains the process of checks and balances in an organization. Finally, it looks at the effects accountability has on the working culture and maintaining a positive working culture and avoids a working culture of blame.

Importance of Accountability
The importance of accountability in health care is to hold medical professionals accountable for their decision-making, actions, and their assigned tasks. The decisions or actions that performed can have an impact on them or the organization. Another importance of accountability is to ensure the safety of patients and to provide quality healthcare. Nonetheless, the medical professional must be held accountable for their…

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