Essay about The Importance Of Abusing The Welfare System

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Abusing the welfare system has always been an issue in the United States. There are thousands of able-bodied capable adults, without children, who are not plagued by a disability, collecting the benefits of the welfare. With how our welfare system is set up right now, recipients can collect taxpayer money with little to no work, and not contributing to their community at all. Now, kicking off every adult believed to be able bodied, is not what is going to happen. There will be better programs put into place, to help those in need become self-sufficient. Programs to help those with not only physical, but mental disabilities get the treatment needed will be put into place. There will also be routine drug testing, job trainings, and mandatory volunteer hours for all welfare recipients.
To implement the new programs that need to take place there would first have to be a bill written up, that the House of Representatives, Senate, and President would have to approve and pass. A year after the bill gets passed it will go into action. This bill would affect everyone in society, by saving taxpayers money while helping those in need get the necessary aid and support to become successful and gain the employment needed to fully support themselves. The United States spends roughly $668 billion dollars on welfare annually. The cost of changing the welfare system will be saving the United States billions of dollars, which is money that could be put to better use somewhere else. With…

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