The Importance Of A Student Centered Environment Essay

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The Same-Differently
The phrase "treat others as you would like to be treated" comes to mind when thinking about how to interact with others. When people talk about treating people equally, however, what they generally mean is treating them "equally well." Treating people equally requires that an individual or society not discriminate because of race, color, religious belief, gender or disability. The sooner people get actively involved with treating people equally well, the sooner society will become a level playing field. But when considering the phrase “treat everyone the same differently” you have to consider thinking outside the box.
A teacher who promotes a student-centered environment and understands how to scaffold instruction to support gaps for one student will use that same set of skills to extend the progression of learning for the child who is ready for more” (Blankstein & Noguera, 2015). In education, you may “treat everyone the same differently for many reasons”. For, example I may have a student in my class whose parents are going through a divorce and she is very sensitive now. Knowing, this I may want to be careful when speaking to my students about what a healthy home life should look like. What may be an excellent idea to assure the comfort of all you students is to as these questions? How many of you at home life with someone besides mom and dad? Hands should raise. Then, ask how many of you are raised by someone other than mom or dad; maybe grandma, an…

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