Misconduct In Police Brutality

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It seems like now more than ever you hear about brutal Police misconduct in the media. Rarely is someone convicted and or put in jail. On the other hand, when a citizen is in the spot to be made an example out of, they are. I think it is unfair that because of the action of a couple citizens blankets the community. With that being said, it is also unfair that the Police who are doing their job risking their life for us every day, get criticized due to the poor decisions of other officers.
Have you ever seen someone get an unreasonable punishment for a crime they commit? And then see a police officer use extreme force and get little to no punishment for his actions? Well, this happens quite often. In the article “Police Misconduct Needs 'Broken
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In Jesse Jackson’s article “Police Shootings Are about Class as Well as Race, “He explains how police brutality can take place everywhere, to every race and color. While on a date, 19 years old Zackary Hammond, was shot to death when he had driven his car toward police, so the police say. “An independent autopsy showed, however, that Hammond was shot in the back, not the front, contradicting the official story.” This is a perfect example of how an officer’s word is not always correct and rely on another good cop to step forward with the truth is unlikely to happen. Behaviors like this can become cancerous, spreading through the police force as what is becoming considered as ethical or …show more content…
Although there are many cops that express excessive force of police brutality, the ones who do it when necessary are frowned upon by the media. These leaves no room for cops to make mistakes and after all there only human everyone makes mistakes. In Jake Halpern’s, “The Cop” A cop, who’s dad was shot and killed also in line of service by a black male, was found in a similar situation, so he thought. An unarmed man who had just robbed a liquor store, named Michael Brown, was thought to be reaching for a weapon. I’m not sure exactly but I imagine the experience of losing his dad caused this officer to pull and fire his gun a little quicker then another cop might have. Due to the way they handle the situation after, a forgivable mistake, led to not only riots, but the destruction of this man’s life. After so many harassing calls and deaths threats, he moved communities before switching states. He cannot get a job as a cop due to his liability, and rarely spends times outside his house. If you did not hear about police brutality every other day, this officer might not have been made an example

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