The Importance Of A Mixed Race Family Essay

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There are many types of family (Units) structures. Most families have two parents, but other families have only a single parent. In some families, grandparents raise their grandchildren. Yet, many other families are structured with stepchildren, foster children or adopted children. Whatever the family structure, a family should be a source of love and support for each other. However, this is not the case many times. Conflicts often arise within a family because of parental shortcomings, marital issues, disabilities, addictions, or even physical or mental illnesses.
Family Background
This paper will discuss a mixed race family of four. The mother is a 40 year-old Pilipino woman while the 44-year-old father is half Korean and half Japanese. The mother and father together have an 8-month old daughter who is one-fourth Korean, one-fourth Japanese and half Pilipino. The mother is a stepmother to the father’s 20-year-old son from a previous relationship. The son is one-fourth Japanese, one-fourth Korean, and half European ancestries, consisting of a mix of German, Irish and Dutch. Together, these four individuals make up a typical family. This family is far from perfect. Like other families, they have their share of problems. For example, the mother, as a child in the Philippines, was molested by a neighbor over the course of several years. These were particularly traumatic times for her, not only because of the molestations, but also because of her sense of…

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