The Importance Of A Manager With Successful Performance Essay examples

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The Road to Management is tough processes of selecting someone to successfully manage a group of people. The theory that many believe is that a manager with successful performance in the past can be an effective manager in the future. However, this isn’t always the case because you will as a manager should focus on people, not just tasks. I also learned that even experience managers periodically should be given a refresher course on successful management styles and techniques. The training process does not always help managers avoid mistakes but also gives trainees the opportunity to see whether they will be comfortable in managing others. Many organizations use the “sink or swim: method of management training. The Omnipotent One seldom gives out recommendations for promotions. They’re convinced that they must do all the work because their staff doesn’t accept responsibility.
Settling In, as a manager many think that that if not successful immediate change is needed. However, one of your first decisions a manager should do is hold back from rapidly instituting changes in the method of operation. Sudden changes often result in a fear response that will work against you. When changes are needed to made, its best to explain what will be taking place and why. The more forthcoming you can be the less resistance to change there will be. The key word to success is restraint. It is important to remember that you’re the one who is on trial with your subordinates, not they with…

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