The Importance Of A Dialogic Curriculum At The Dc Public Schools Central Office

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Audience and Context
The following talk will be presented to a group of educational administrators and decision makers at the DC Public Schools Central Office. This group includes the Chancellor of DC Public Schools, Chiefs of Instructional Practice and Teaching and Learning, and the Deputy Chiefs of those branches. This talk will be presented to an intentionally small audience during a round table Professional Development meeting to foster dialogic exchange between participants. This group is concerned with preparing students to graduate high school, college and career ready, with a specific knowledge and outlined set of skills. They are concerned with measuring student achievement and the logics of managing student data. They are singularly focused on the quality of a set curriculum, currently the Common Core State Standards. This talk is intended to provoke thinking about the question, When curriculum is set, what is left out? To answer this question, I intend to communicate the importance of a dialogic curriculum.
The Study
Chancellor Henderson, Chief Kamras, Chief Pick and Deputy Chiefs Skerrit, Kush, Hudacsko, Hall, Thompson, Colgan, Flanagan, Holaday, Cherry, Garcia, Wright and Reif, thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. My name is Courteney Coyne and I am an early childhood educator and a doctoral student of Curriculum Studies. I am here to speak with you about the importance of a dialogic curriculum. Currently, curriculum conversations in the…

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