The Importance Of A Crisis And The Crisis Intervention Models

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Two things in the reading I thought were of potential value and relevance to my practice where the characteristics of a crisis and the crisis intervention models. In the reading it discuss the characteristics of a crisis, which is basically gives us an expanded definition of crisis. Crisis has a presence of both danger and opportunity. It is a danger because it can overwhelm the individual to the extent that serious pathology, including homicide and suicide, may result. Crisis is an opportunity because the pain it induces impels the person to seek help. When the individual take advantage of the opportunity it can help plant the seed of self-growth and self- realization. Another characteristic of crisis is the seeds of growth and change. Anxiety is always present and its discomfort provides change in the disequilibrium that accompanies the crisis Anxiety sometimes reaches its boiling point before the person is ready to admit the problem is out of control. The Necessity of choice is another characteristic of a crisis. Life is a process of interrelated crises and challenges that we confront or not deciding to live or not. Choosing to do something at lease contains the seeds of growth and allows a person the chance to set goals and formulate a plan to begin to overcome the dilemma. A crisis can be complicated symptomology. A crisis is not simple it is indeed complex and difficult to understand. When an event reaches a flashing point there may be so many compound pounding…

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