The Implications Of Domestic Violence And Child Abuse For Children

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A typical stigma is forming among society that domestic violence only effects the couple that are experiencing the situation. One needs to redirect his/her thinking to the perspective of the entire “family,” whether it be mixed, bi-racial, large, or small. Domestic violence has the impeccable capability to affect the emotional well-being and health of a child. Adolescents, who are not fully matured to comprehend a situation of this magnitude, often become filled with emotions that they also do not understand. Many possibilities that have the potential to be played out for children in these types of situations are done so. One of which possibilities is when children take the life they are presented with and learn to use it as a form of …show more content…
Any child who is exposed to domestic violence is more susceptible to direct abuse from their parent. Direct abuse is a situation when a child who is typically the bystander, becomes the “direct” target of the aggressor. “Nearly half of men who abuse their female partners, also abuse their children,” ("Iris domestic violence," 2014). Through observation, adolescents can learn destructive lessons about the use of violence and gratuitous power in relationships. It is not irregular for children who are exposed to domestic violence to also be abused. Children often are not inquisitive of violence being present in their lives when it has always been a prominent factor. What one would interpret as irrational behavior, is completely normal to adolescents who have been continuously exposed to violence. This does not mean that they enjoy and/or except this as long-term, but simply as something that is beyond their control. In some cases, children except the fact that violence is a part of their lives and that they have no way out. Some of the long-term impacts of domestic violence on children are similar to the short-term implications. PTSD and depression are short-term affects that, if not treated, can evolve into long-term impacts. When disorders like these are not brought to the attention of medical professionals, they can become very intense and often irreversible. It is highly suggested for children who are exposed to violence to seek any help needed. Most of the long-term impacts are psychological/emotional such as, social disassociation and high

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