Political Religion Research Paper

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Nipun P-Mudunkotuwage

Religious Politics and Political Religion People all around the world have highly influenced by many religious philosophies. For some, religion has become something that affect their day-to-day life while some also believe that religion is the driving force of the world. Not only in the present but also in the history of humans as we know, religion always has been a thing where people look up to as the rightness way of living and salvation. In past civilizations, kings, emperors and many other leaders have had a very close connection with the religious leader as counselors for guidance in ruling and other matter. Therefore, religion was also influenced the politics of those civilization. This is also still
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In both cases, there is an issue that is challenged by the religious view of an individual or a collective number of people. Therefore the similarity between the both cases is the involvement of the religion. The difference between the two cases are the number of people involved. In religious politics, the issue is normally of an individual or a very small group of people which will stay within this scale. In political religion the number of people involved is vast. This could be a whole religious institute of a country or a large scale organization that is religiously influenced to contest an issue that has been challenged by their religious view as a whole. In other words, describes by a political science Professor Victor Magagna of University of California, San Diego, Religious politics contains the activation in individual and specifically collective behavior on the matters of specific issue or a policy. Political religion means the mobilization of the whole religious institution on larger scale political goals (Magagna, 2016). With this definition, it is apparent that religious politics is something that plays a part in the day-to-day lives of the people who have some kind of religious belief. Everyone has their own opinion on the laws or bills that passes by government of a country. Some agree and some disagree but disagreeing will remain …show more content…
As we learned earlier, the difference between the two concepts of religious politics and political religion mainly lies within their scale while the rest is almost similar; therefore we can bring in examples that describe the role of religious politics in some issue that are and were in the society of United Sates and map them in to the larger scaled version political religion. In the past, abolition of slavery, civil rights movement, women suffrage, immigration, religious right and prohibition of drinking were some of the incidents that happened on the history if United States that the involvement of individuals caused to gather an attention of a larger scale crowd. Hidden behind this are these are some excellent examples of the roll religious politics and political religion played. One of the main event happened in American history was the abolition of slavery. During the Civil War and the abolition of slavery Evangelical Christians payed a big role. They presented their moral issues to the public arena which was an awakening for most others. This grew up to the Great awakening and they argued about the human betterment under God’s grace and his gift of free will (Wyatt-Brown, 2008). Here we can see how the influence of a small community affected the abolition of the whole country. This is a

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