The Impacts Of Lone Wolf Attacks In India

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While it was being widely debated that the ISIS is setting up modules, an Intelligence Bureau report states that their plan is to launch lone wolf attacks in India. A team of the Intelligence Bureau monitoring the jihadi content has learnt that the ISIS only wants to stage lone wolf attacks in India for now. All the content that was monitored suggested that the ISIS has been increasingly circulating content on how to stage a lone wolf attack. The highest number of hits for lone wolf attack related details are from India and the United States of America. Stage lone wolf attacks advises ISIS to Indians: The ISIS material off late are all pertaining on how to stage a lone wolf attack. The material available suggests that they want Indian youth to train themselves and stage such attacks. The idea is to destruct and convey the message for the ISIS. Material has been posted on how to prepare bombs. Further the messages also urge the youth to source guns and carry out a Fidayeen strike. [Govt blocks two websites, Facebook pages of ISIS propaganda] The ISIS in its messages were targeting youth from Kashmir and Maharashtra, in particular, according to the IB report. They are aware that they will get youth easily in Kashmir as several areas are conflict ridden. Moreover, the highest number of views for the ISIS propaganda has come from the states of Assam, Jammu and Kashmir and Maharashtra. The ISIS is trying to target the conflict zones in the country, the report also states. Hence, there is a great deal of emphasis in the North Eastern states and also Jammu and Kashmir. The ISIS feels that the propaganda has to spread and it is only through such attacks can the outfit makes its mark in India. The advantage of a lone wolf

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