The Impact Of Video Games On Men And Women

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Men and women develop different perceptions of their bodies. Media and the gender norms play a big role in shaping those different perceptions. With the televisions, the internet, and contemporary movies, media has a strong hold on women’s and men’s personal perceptions of what beauty and masculinity is supposed to be. Women should have a hourglass shape and be beautiful and men should have muscles and be strong. Because of this, Lightstone said that it has been known to contribute to some women and men experiencing eating disorders like anorexia and images of unrealistic bodies and men and women become depressed when they cannot mean the body images that they want., (2012). This topic is important because the media is making men and women …show more content…
They used college aged men (51) and women (32) and let them play a video game for 15 minutes. At this study they should have had more women and men play different kinds of video games then just one and that the time of the video game should have been longer, to get a broader idea on the video games impact. For the women’s images this survey it was in the 1993 and with 803 adult women, this survey was a good at its time. This survey was made in 1993, today there might be changes throughout today. “The sample of 803 women, ranging in age from 18 to 70 years, resided in 19 cities in five regions,” (Cash and Patricia 1995: 20). In the study that I want to do is having the variety of women in college talking about how they feel about their own bodies, but I do not have the resource to get that many cities. In the study for college men’s third-person perception about idealized body image and consequent behavior, “this study investigates college men’s third-person perception in relation to body image factors using an experiment that involved a convenience sample of 148 male college students of Chinese descent in Singapore,”(Chia and Wen 2010: 542). I would change this study by having more of a variety of men in college then just Chinese descent. In this research “the college men reported that the effects if media’s idealized body images on female friends were greater than the effects on themselves,” (Chia et al. 2010: 542). This study helped researchers understand what the impacted of the media has on the men who did the surveys and what they thought their friends went through. In the study of the relationships between men’s and women’s body image and their psychological, social, and sexual functioning. In this

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