Stereotypes Of Women In The Media

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Ciara Campos
Professor Shamiryan
English 096
December 9, 2015
Women Stereotypes Today’s mass media have constantly taken over the gender society by judging the littlest things having to do with both sexes especially women. Over the years, media has shown the size and importance of the woman 's business, the health and direction of the business, the arc of the woman 's career, and her social and cultural influence. Television 's leading ladies and their complex personalities are slowly but surely dominating their individual universes. Overtime, television and film have shown that modern culture focuses on positive stereotypes that represents women to have limitations which can be seen through portrayals of professionalism, single women, and
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Women in the media industry are easily judged of what kind of character they end up being within the first couple of minutes of a television show or film. It’s changed into a positive stereotype because the media has learned to appreciate and love television characters who are known to be really engaged in their work. Women who are known to be “professional” are more likely to be very career oriented, confident, and have lots of control as well as power. They tend to be called out for having a strong character for being very straight up in their work. Sometimes “strong will” can be called “bitchy” but being called “strong will” can in fact be a good thing today. It makes women look independent and confident. It makes them look like they know what they’re doing and not needing any additional help. A specific example of a professional would be Olivia Pope, a fictional character created by Shonda Rhimes, a famous writer known for her women protagonist television shows. Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope from Scandal, a White House Communications Director that recently left to start her own crisis management firm only to discover she hasn’t left her past memories. This TV show portrays how women today can be a very strong, “badass”, independent woman. Olivia has no personal …show more content…
Similar to the independent single ladies, television has shown both the traditional and modern version of both particular women. Traditional mother/housewives are more domestic and nurturing caretakers that run the household. Modern moms are more about their work profession but are also very involved in discipling the kids. They are usually always stressing out, being the super mom and disciplining the kids. An example of both a traditional and modern mom in the television world is That 70’s Show, Kitty Forman. Kitty is a mom of two hip teenagers and a wife of a very old-fashioned veteran husband. She is the typical supermom that knows how to handle a crisis and always keeps it together for the sake of her family. Even though she only has two kids, she treats her son’s pack of friends as her own children which causes her a lot more stress since they are always at her home getting in all sorts of trouble. Since television a decade ago has completely changed, a more modern mom today would be Claire Dunphy from tv’s hit show Modern Family. Decades ago, television and film would only show the traditional stay at home moms that really didn’t do much but to run the household. Now television shows more of a modern mom who has a lot more different aspects. Television mom’s today are a lot more engaged since they are busy with their career and handling a family with the dippy fun

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