The Impact Of Tipping On Your Service Essay

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As someone who makes his living on mostly tips it might sound obvious that I don’t want the tipping system banned, but there are a lot of people out there that think it should be. People argue that tipping is unreliable and unpredictable and that an hourly fixed rate would be better for servers. The truth is that tipping is not as unpredictable as people think and is actually much better for servers than a fixed hourly rate
As a delivery driver, I have noticed a pretty big difference between the quality of my service and how much people tip. If I get there early people normally give me a better tip, and if I’m really late, I’ll get a smaller tip or no tip at all. The same thing happens with waiters and waitresses in restaurants, better service equals better tips. “Increase in service level from average to excellent would raise their average percentage tips” (McKenzie 3). Tipping creates an incentive for better service among servers and increases the overall customer satisfaction.
The tipping system also greatly benefits the businesses that use it. By having their servers work for less than minimum wage they can save money and in turn have their prices lower. It also makes sure that the majority of the customer’s interaction with the business is positive. Because the server wants a tip from the customer, they are going to make sure they give the customer a great experience. If they don’t provide good service their tips will suffer. Waiters and Waitress surveyed “reported…

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