The Impact Of Theu.s 3 Party Gas Pipeline Operator Essay

1075 Words Mar 14th, 2016 5 Pages

TransCanada is planning to take over the U.S 3 party gas pipeline operator.

From the past two weeks, I have been reading this news in many website’s article about that the TransCanada is going to take over the U.S. gas pipeline i.e. Columbia pipeline. So suddenly this news attracts me and I wanted to go deep down about what exactly about this deal and how does it make any difference in supply chain industries especially in oil supply chain industries in up north side of Canada. So when I have read lot of articles I have got to know about that this deal is not final yet but if it will happen it’s going to be $10 billion deal between both companies. (News, 2016)
So let’s take a look at the both companies and where they are currently standing in the market. TransCanada is a leading company of North America who is responsible to develop infrastructure and many industries are reliable on this company for the safe operation of natural gas supply from the basins of Alberta to many region in North America. From the past one year TransCanada is struggling to reach the market of Northeastern U.S. and north western market of Canada and on other hand Columbia pipeline group is a third party companies who has a strong hold in northeastern side of U.S. Last year, TransCanada faced a rejection of the setup of Keystone XL oil pipeline project in across the northwestern part of Canada. (Morgan, 2016) After the rejection there are many trials from the TransCanada to acquire third…

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