The Impact Of The United States On The Arab Spring Essay

1599 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
To better understand the motives and the impact of the United States’ actions to intervene in these intra-state conflicts during the Arab Spring, let us consider the situation of the countries of the MENA region before the implication of the American government. Moreover, to further comprehend why the United States choose to intervene in some conflicts like in the case of Libya instead of others such as Bahrain or Syria the aftereffects of some of them shall be examined. There were only a few who had predicted that Tunisia would start the Arab Spring. Therefore, Tunisia’s government, major media, and international actors around the world, including the United States, were very slow to respond to the uprising wave of protests in Tunisia (Singh, 2011). The official beginning of the Arab Spring was triggered by the self-immolation of a street vender Mohammad Bouazizi. Within 10 days after the incident, the Tunisian revolution had managed its way throughout the country giving its impressive effectiveness. At first, the United States were hoping and believed that the Tunisian revolts would be isolated incidents. However, the importance and rapid spread of the revolts proved them otherwise. The United States noticed the protestors’ desire for a political change towards democracy hence why they felt it was their aim to support their freedom. Consequently, President Ben Ali ended his 23 years’ reign after the holding of successful elections won by center-right Enhalada…

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