The Influence Of Japan's Attack On Pearl Harbor

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The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was so successful due to their undying will to expand. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the Japanese attack of the American naval base located in Hawaii. This attack changed America’s position in the war from a bystander to a full participant in the second World War.
Before the bombing of Pearl Harbor lied Japan 's thirst for expansion. Being the pre modernized nation they were in the years prior. Japan being the weaker unmodernized country they had been felt it was time to get on the same level as the other nations. World War I was just the beginning of the expansion Japan had desired. With the massive scale of advancements taking place in their country the Japanese people needed more land in order to grow.
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The interception of radio signals meant the enemy or someone else could receive the signal sent and listen to it for themselves. This was used by spies and other countries to monitor the ideas and strategies by the enemy to gain an upper hand. Radio was also a form of miscommunication. Obviously technology wasn 't the best during World War II meaning that it was very possible for words to be misconstrued and taken out of term.
The attack on Pearl Harbor was directly influenced the invasion of Manchuria solely based on fact that the League of Nations just rolled over and accepted the fact that Japan did that. Japan expected America to do the same. By crippling their naval influence in the Pacific, Japan thought it would weaken American enough to back down and roll over just like the League of Nations did for Manchuria. In an article by the strategic studies institute titled “Japan 's Decision for War in 1941: Some Enduring Lessons” says:
The attack on Pearl Harbor was essentially a flanking raid in support of the main event, which was the conquest of Malaya, Singapore, the Indies, and the Philippines, Japan 's decision for war rested on several assumptions, some realistic, others
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military on Oahu and the other Hawaiian Islands but, he was to be employed by the Foreign Office in Tokyo, and his connections to the navy were served. To conceal his true identity, he was given the name Tadashi Morimura.
The use of spies and other forms of stealth the Japanese were successful to gather vital information to aid them in their attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese were successful during WWII and the attack on Pearl Harbor due to their great strategies. Officer Yamamoto Isoroku was in charge of the attack on Pearl Harbor and is recalled as possibly the greatest strategist in Japanese history. Yamamoto said that attacking the United States was a good idea but if conflict were to last longer than a year, Japan would lose. Yamamoto studied at Harvard in the United States where he learned English and also studied naval tactics. It wasn’t until he went back to Japan where he achieved a successful naval rank where he led several fleets of ships and planes. Yamamoto was recognized as one of the top naval commanders of

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