The Impact Of The Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor

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The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was so successful due to their undying will to expand. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the Japanese attack of the American naval base located in Hawaii. This attack changed America’s position in the war from a bystander to a full participant in the second World War.
Before the bombing of Pearl Harbor lied Japan 's thirst for expansion. Being the pre modernized nation they were in the years prior. Japan being the weaker unmodernized country they had been felt it was time to get on the same level as the other nations. World War I was just the beginning of the expansion Japan had desired. With the massive scale of advancements taking place in their country the Japanese people needed more land in order to grow.
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The Japanese attempted to kick America down but only stirred up a conflict resulting from false assumptions based on the invasion of Manchuria.
On December 7, 1941 the Japanese empire attacked the United States naval base known as Pearl Harbor. Shortly after 8am, when all the American soldiers and staff were beginning to wake up, go to church, and read the weekly paper, the roar of plane engines be heard. An Article from The National WWII Museum says:
The Japanese strike force consisted of 353 aircraft launched from four heavy carriers. These included 40 torpedo planes, 103 level bombers, 1331 dive-bombers, and 79 fighters. The attack also consisted of two heavy cruisers, 35 submarines, two light cruisers, nine oilers, two battleships, and 11 destroyers.
The Japanese attack killed thousands and damaged a good portion of the Americans naval fleet in the Pacific. According to an article titled “Pearl Harbor” located on says, “Japan’s imperial ambitions had been evident from as early as 1931, when she invaded Manchuria.” This establishes the fact that the Japanese empire was trying to expand its fronts. This was being done in order to expand its population growth and gain further

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