The Impact Of The Fast Food Industry

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Throughout the year’s society has made a big impact in the fast food industry. Today, many Americans eat from fast food restaurants because it’s low cost and fast deliver. However, unhealthy Americans blame these restaurants that has cause them health issues. So, that’s when they call the government to intervene and do something about the food in the market. The government intervention plays a big role in this fact based on their labor issues in the business. Although, the government involve in certain ways when it’s only require. Many fast food industries promise to reduce obesity on people and children by reducing their calories in their food, however, they don’t do it they keep selling their food how they want it in the market. What the …show more content…
However, the government cannot do too much about it because they can’t go to a location and close it just because people are complaining about unhealthy food. unlikely these fast food industries are better for the economy. The only thing that people can do to reduce this issue is by not abusing fast food. it is not the food company fault that people exaggerated on eating their products every day. If the company would of force people to eat their food, then the government could intervene, but they don’t force anyone. So, the government has nothing to do with the evolution of these fast food industries, is the consumers who are making this a big evolution in the market. The government cannot do nothing about it in the business until something unnecessary or illegal happens. Nevertheless, there are some points where the government intervene in the food industry and requires certain things. For example, in the website …show more content…
For example, the leader fast food industry in the market which is McDonald’s use labor and capital to produce their products. In the labor, other companies make the products for McDonald’s they don’t actually do it. McDonald’s use human capital to manufacture food, or toys for consumers and the use of different machinery. For many years Globalization has play a big role in the fast food industry because of the high grow of potential markets in many countries. Also, this have changed the consumption of the consumers. For example, McDonald’s could be one example here because they have thousands of restaurants around the world making this international food one of the most progressive things in the global market. Also, the globalization in this food industry could have its positive and negative ways for culture and nations. For example, one positive could be that eating McDonald’s food allows you to recognized what you’re eating no matter in what part of the world you are. A negative could be that almost everyone could get used to it to the same food every day. Even though consumers choose what to eat there will be a lot of fast food variations that will always take an effect on globalization. The fast food industry will always be a big role in the market and economy because of their huge competition and also because of the variety of food that are healthy and unhealthy. The

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