Why Do People Survive The Crusades

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The crusades were a series of religious wars. They took place in the medieval period from 1095 to 1291. The first crusade was the first attempt to take over the Holy land, it was ordered by Pope Urban II. After that, a total of nine crusades took place. There were an array of people who travelled to the Holy Land crusades including peasants’ knights and second sons. Although the crusades failed to capture the Holy land, they had several impacts on Western Europe. One of the changes was cultural. In which the people had stole things from Europe and taken them back home.

A lot of people went on crusades to steal booty. Booty is valuable stolen goods especially those snatched in war. The people who went for this reason would be peasants and second sons. Their knowledge of the Holy Land being rich was from the Pope’s announcement. This was a good opportunity for them to make money without becoming homeless or working day and night. But only a few peasants would be able to travel to the crusades because their owner might not let them but even if they did, they probably wouldn’t have the money. Although, some of them didn’t have the money but still went think, ‘I will take the chance because if I survive the crusade
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Pope Urban II announced that if you went on the crusades and killed the Saracens then all of your sins would be forgiven straight away. A lot if sinners travelled to take part in the crusades so all of their sins could be forgiven. Pope Urban was also the reason why many people went on the crusades because he said that the Muslims were ‘foul creatures’. He also said that the land the people were currently living on was not very wealthy and it had too much people. To a lot of people this probably sounded like a wake up call to get out of the country and find somewhere better. And listening to the Pope was probably this closest and smartest thing to

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