The Impact Of The Black Lives Matter Movement

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On February 26th, 2012, Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old African American, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a 33-year old white man. In response to this incident, a hashtag known as #BLACKLIVESMATTER, was created as a movement to stand up against violence and racism toward black people. Now, millions of organizations and individuals support the Black Lives Matter movement, hoping to promote change in the way black lives have been treated in America. The media has had the biggest impact on the movement from posting footage of some of the various police shootings, to broadcasting open discussions about the movement as a whole. There are so many ways that media outlets have spread awareness about the ongoing issues of police brutality. For …show more content…
For example, after reading the Washington Post I saw a comment that stated, “Yes, a disproportionate amount of black citizens are killed by our law enforcement officers in discharge of their duties - both black and white. But let 's be honest folks, that is because a disproportionate amount of our criminal class is black.” (Anonymous) So, Why are most of the comments from people who do not support the movement? The answer is simple. Those who read the post and make comments that go against the article are either upset or they don’t believe it is accurate and want their side of the story to be told. They want to convince people that this article is wrong and they are right.
Another pattern I noticed was that a lot of the articles include images of BLM protesters. Why do most images from this articles show people Protesting in streets? Black Lives Matter is a movement in which people do protest against racial discrimination towards Black lives. The more popular protests take place in the streets of various cities. During some of the protest people get arrested or even hurt. That’s when the News outlets come in and get the scoop on what happened and spread it to the

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